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The Tunic Dress

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

On my earlier post, I’ve been mentioning about cotton voile. And this what it turned out to be.

It took me one whole day to finish it as I’m tracing the pattern from the pattern book plus I’ve drafted one with my body measurement to make sure it fits me nicely. There’s not so many alterations needed for the pattern provided, so I keep it the way as it is.

Plus, I added the lace that I get from Daiso for detailing part.

Tracing paper pattern (plus tea to start my day)

Drafting pattern using my body measurement. I'm not very good in this, so I took around an hour between calling my mom (she's a pro when it comes to drafting pattern) and try to figure out whether it will fit me nicely or too large.

Comparing the traced paper pattern and drafted pattern.

Sewing the lace to the edge of the upper sleeves.

This is just a photo to show how big this tunic is.

Without belt...

And with belt...