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The Peplum Blouse

Sunday, 8 February 2015

I’m sorry I haven’t update the blog that much. Just started with a new job, and I need some time to adjust on the schedule for working, sewing, cooking, house chores and Mat the cat. But, definitely I won’t make it as an excuse to just put away my darling sewing machine and fabrics.

I made this; the day before I started working, and thought to wear it on my first day to work; instead I wore it on last Saturday. I think it’s too casual!

For the pattern drafting, I followed my mom’s way, and there’s only 1 bodice pattern which consists the front and back bodice. Normally from what I’ve learned before (either in the fashion design school or pattern book), the front and back bodice are different, but I need to finish it quickly; and I guess adopting my mom’s way is the easiest.