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My Soon-to-be-Working-Attire

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How’s that sound? I just get confused when it comes to office wear. Dressing up in formal office attire has been long forgotten. It’s kind of cool to see women with stilettos and their power suit. But is there such thing as power suit? Crossed through these phrases from Vogue British magazine last month edition, “My clothes gave me a sense of authority” and another one “This isn’t dressing up, this is how I dress everyday”. The former is from a general practitioner and the latter is from an artist. Personally I prefer the latter.

Having worked in sales background for years plus a few years in Broadcasting & Entertainment industry makes me dress more casually. I love being comfortable with what I’m wearing. And flats or pumps is a must! I’m a flop when it comes to heels. But not to be mistaken, I admire those who can wear heels and shop around. My oh my, how can they manage it? That’s the question which always pop to my mind! I can’t even walk properly in those.

Okay, back to what I’m going to wear for the office soon? I’m thinking of a collection with sort of Bohemian style which I can wear during weekends too (????). Boleh ke? So, I start with this first… let’s see how it turns out ya!

'Leçon de couture' from my Japanese Pattern book.

The measurement for sizes.