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The Long Orange Cardigan with Petit Col

Monday, 26 January 2015

Bonjour, I hope you were enjoying your weekend and probably planning for a holiday soon during the 4 days holiday (in Malaysia). And sure I am too!

What do you think of this long cardigan? For me, I think it’s like a long sleeveless blouse and can be worn with a t-shirt inside. I love the simple design and can be easily pair with jeans or even maxi dress.

I used linen fabric for this piece. At first, I'm thinking of using this fabric for another design before I bought this sewing magazine, but when I saw this design, I fell in love with it and pretty sure I can use this linen. Happy Aida! Found this linen during Moving Out sale in Jakel, Jalan Masjid India. It’s a really good bargain; which I spend less than RM20 for a meter. As I need to do a long cardigan, my fabric wouldn’t fit if I’m following the fabric grain line; instead I went vice versa. A bit difficult when it comes to stitching it, but I try to sew it carefully and slowly.

This is my very first time sewing a collar. Though it’s not like a fully covered collar (which covered till the back), but still I’m very happy with my sewing progress. The collar end till the shoulder. It’s very exciting when you discover something new for your sewing skills, and definitely this won’t be the last time I’m going to sew collar. Many more to come.

And if you see from the design itself, the cardigan has 6 buttons, but mine I only have the hook & eye. During sewing the bodice seam, I accidently cut the fabric, and the result, 1 side of the front bodice is higher than the other one. It would look too obvious for the length if I place the buttons. Skip the button instead and let’s cherish it with ‘hook & eye’ style.

Do you realize I stitch this cute doodle embroidery? It’s been so long since I stitch an embroidery. My skill is rusty (a lot) now, and I will need to polish it up I guess.
Okay okay, I hope you have a great Monday and be nice to yourself! C’est cool.