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The Handmade Yellow Dress

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

It’s been a while since I wrote the last article. I’m away to celebrate Christmas with my husband’s family in Paris.

And now, I’m back (actually I reached Malaysia on the 28th Dec morning), but I spend most of my time; resting and napping (hibernating period). After postponing my sewing project for a few weeks, I think it’s time to start fresh. It’s 2015 and I should celebrate this great year with a new cloth.

I’m super excited to make one with a fabric that I bought from Paris. Of course, it is cotton; my favourite. What can I say about it; it’s easy to sew for beginner like me.
My husband commented the sleeves are too big, hmmm, but nevermind ‘lah’, I think I can manage these big sleeves. It’s called the bell sleeves, and I think I look a bit meaty on the top when I wore this type of dress.

I follow the pattern from a Japanese book translated to French, which I bought in Fnac, Paris. Fnac is a famous bookstore in Paris, and if you happened to be in Paris, hop in there; they have a lot of books to offer and my favourite section is the fashion book rack.

The down side is I need to translate some words, and most of the time I just figure it out by myself (lazy kitty). I guess I’m using my right brain and follow ‘LOGIC’! My mom has a lot of Japanese pattern books, and she uses her ‘LOGIC’ thinking hat to make some creative clothes out of it. And my sister uses Japanese pattern books which are translated to Chinese. It makes me agree with the quote “fashion speaks louder than words!”