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Halter Neck Top

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ohhh what a feeling…

I’m not going nutty with Pierre or Mat here! The former was busy watching his TV series and the latter was trying to sleep just beside me. She’s definitely very tired cleaning the house while we were working. Pity her so much.

I sew this halter top last weekend but I didn’t really make time to take any photos yet. So, as I don’t have to cook for tonight, I spend some time sweeping my small garden and taking photos of my halter top. I pair it with this flowy white skirt. A great match for my kind of casual weekends or holidays outfit. Thinking of holiday, I can’t wait for our holiday in Chiangmai soon.

I feel so happy that I manage to complete my halter top sewing project. This pattern is from my Japanese sewing book; Clothing for Everyday Wear by Yoshiko Tsukiori. I love her pattern book so much. I think it’s quite easy to follow. But, for certain steps, I still need to take some time to understand the instructions.

I chose to use my left over fabrics which I used for the tunic dress and dress. Both are cotton fabrics which I’m really drawn too and suitable for Malaysia’s hot weather.

From the pattern instruction, the top has been accessorise with iron on sequin. But somehow, I’m not sequin lover, so I replace it with lace instead. I have quite a collection of the laces from Daiso, as I think it’s really cute and at the same time, I know I will need it someday, someway. The lace is a bit pinkish to suit the fabric colour.

The elastic at the back.

Sorry if the pictures are too many this time. I can’t stop clicking and clicking my camera while looking at this frangipani flowers. It smells nice too. I just love them so much.