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Been A While Since ...

Thursday, 16 April 2015

It’s been a while (or probably too long) since I wrote on my so called ‘sewing diary’. I miss so much my sewing room. Haha, it’s like my sewing room has been taken away from me by a wicked witch. But no no, it’s not that at all, I just don’t spend my spare time sewing anymore. I’m the type; when I sew, I would want to concentrate and finish by there then. Too ambitious ya.

Hey, but  my wardrobe seems shouting ‘I HAVE ZERO NEW CLOTHES’!!! That makes me oozing and scruffing my hair and thinking so hard about popping my head again to my sewing room. The last time I popped in there is just to hair dry my hair (it’s not a dryer room, but I place my hair dryer there so Pierre and the cat can sleep happily without the brrrrrr sound of a hairdryer).

The best part in starting a sewing project is to flip the pattern books and think what you want to sew.

And, I’m stuck and stick (like a yellow Post It note) with all these Japanese pattern books. They are addictive, I can guaratee on that. I can cling on them for hours and hours and dreaming and drooling on how I will look like in those outfits. But, let’s be real here; I need to sew, not day dreaming.

Meow meow, let’s get real and start sewing. Come on Mat, help kakak (sister) and be kawan-kawan (friend) with kakak.