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The 50s Shift Dress

Monday, 9 February 2015

I’m sorry I haven’t update the blog that much. I just started with a new job, and need some time to adjust on the my 24 hours schedule which include working, sewing, cooking, house chores and Mat the cat. However, I won’t make that as an excuse to just put away my darling sewing machine and fabrics.

And, to make sure I have a new dress to pair with my new handbag, I make this one. I’ve got the inspiration from the 50s style. And, with the combination from my mom’s and my fashion school’s pattern, voila I managed to pull this thing together.

It took me 1 day to complete this dress, but as I tried to sew it very quickly, I made few mistakes here and there. A bit frustrated but I really want to wear it today cheeky . Have you ever been in my situation before; tried to finish ASAP the dress that you're gonna wear tomorrow, but at the end you've made so many mistakes (good thing is your friends still thought it's nice though you've tried to convince and explain you've sew it wrongly).

Normally, I’m a bit fussy when it comes to my sewing quality, but this time around, I try to keep in mind- I need to finish this so I can wear it on Monday!!!

And, I supposed to sew 2 big buttons on the right and left side of this (at least a bit of details for a simple shift dress), but I’m too lazy, so just ignore it. And, I manage to wear it today! Superbly happy Aida heart